Relish and relinquish..

Relish and relinquish

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Life is long and we must know what hold on to.


                            Relish and relinquish
Ugliness and beauty fade away to old memories.
Neither hold on. Old faces appear and we accept who we are.
We decide our life. We can sink or swim?.
We can become freedom fighters or the walking dead?
We can sin or pray?
We can live a dirty or clean life?
In the end. We will ask.
Was our life a lullaby to be written to be sang praises of a good life or
a  hell-bound life leaving only destruction and no honor?
Some of us drink and drink some more. No desire to make amends.
Old wise Poet told me. “If you don’t bleed for something. If you don’t have
anything to live for or tested life. You are already dead my friend.”
In the sunlight of the rising sun.
We can seek God, Jesus or some sort of peace?
In the rising of the night moon.
Desperate men who had sin. They pray.
Relish and relinquish is all we have in the end.
You can sing and dance,
you can be poor or rich,
you can be dirty or clean in mind and heart.
We can burn or freeze in old age,
we decide our end.
Each of us must decide.
Right or wrong?
Peace or war?
Love or hate?
Kill or heal?
Sweet wine or blood my friend?
Somewhere in time.
A ancient writer wrote.
“Live, live and live some more.
The dead are buried and gone.
No sadness held in a life filled with passion and hope.