Cinderella [sto-etry]

A wonderful story shared in the words.


A (not so) fairy tale

Once upon a time,
There was young damsel
Born in an elite family,
Full of culture and traditions,
Cinderella was her name.
But her home wasn’t much
Of a happy place for her.
She had a very strict step mother,
Who always bound her in
The chains of societal norms,
Related to a woman’s appearance.
Sometimes Cinderella used to wonder,
If her own mother was alive,
Would she have treated her the same way .
Even her own father didn’t stopped
His second wife from putting
His only daughter through all the torture.
Cinderella was forced to wear
Those bright shiny clothes,
Tight corsets, bold makeup
All this to attract a wealthy suitor.
However, Cinderella was a free soul
She dreamt of freedom and right to choose.
She wanted to live carefree,
She wanted to go out and
See life in it’s raw and true…

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