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You only live once!

“live a little every day, ek hi zindagi mili hai (you have got but one life)” these were the words written by a post-graduate student of IIT Hyderabad in his suicide note.

In the past few weeks, we came across quite some numbers of suicide cases. Be it a Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, or a 16 yr. old tik tok fame sia kakkar, it has been a sad time for the world to come across such heart-rending news, in tough times like these, during this pandemic when people are already dying at such a large number, this news of young adults committing suicide is nerve-wracking. But this is not the first time, suicides are not anything new, a total of around 26-28 people commit suicide in India every day, and one person every 40 seconds around the world choose death over life. Even in this…

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