Young men dream and the old men wish.

Young men dream and old men wish.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Age make us kinder and wiser. Must fall down many times to appreciate life.


                         Young men dream and old men wish.

I knew a boy once.
He knew the dance of desire and laughter.
Time was free and unlimited.

A fine lad he was.
He didn’t know failure.
Failure was for the weak.

Everyone who tried to stop him.
Their fear and hate made him stronger.

The boy told the world.
“Don’t love too hard. Love will turn your world upside down.
Woman are like sweet wine. So sweet to the taste and
will create so much hurt and suffering.”

The dreams turn to goals,
everything was easy.
He had everything he wanted.

He never allowed a woman to touch his heart and soul.
He dances on lies and create bridges that could not be crossed.

One day.
A beautiful red haired woman.
Told him. He was alone and barren in heart and soul.

She came into his life.
Wanted nothing  but a gentle touch and dances in the quiet of the night.
He learn to desire love and love was not in the eyes of his beloved.

The wall caved in.
All his toys became worthless.
He looked in the mirror.
Seeing only flesh and bones.
A lonely man with nothing of real value.

The woman that he loved.
Never return the gift of love.
Young wild minds want pleasure. Not love.
Lust can overtake the desire of love.

The young man learn love cannot be bought.
Love was the base of a good life.
He never tried to grasped.

The red hair beauty left his life.
He tossed away all the victories and gave away all the useless toys.
He saw he had become old and wiser.

Now the old man sit on the beach.
Writing words of praise and life.
He tells the young people.

Real wealth in a life isn’t a large house and too much money in the bank.
True wealth is children at your feet and laughter of lovers and friends always near.

The old man sit at the beach and ponder.
Beautiful faces do appear in his memory.
They still can make him smile and
he wish to be young and more wise.

Today he had many burdens. Never enough money.
He learn many thing with  time and life.
Raised four children and he had many grandchildren at his feet.

The old man looked at the falling sun into the Pacific ocean.
Thank the Gods of life and death for the red hair girl.

Who broke his heart and made him learn.

Love and kindness is all we got.

1992/rewrite 2013