My First Poem of 2020

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Via Justine De Fant

clip art flower.png

I wrote a love poem once

But the words never made it on paper
Instead, they flew right out the window
And they rose and fell and evaded me
before shooting across a rose covered sky
Like a comet during a sunset

For two decades,
They followed the waves of the Seven Seas

Crashed against the banks of countless countries
Weaved their way through Chocolate Hills and
Machu Picchu, along the Great Pyramids of Giza,
Through the South Pole, and then into the Northern Lights
Where they stayed for a long while.

And for a time,
I thought I had lost them forever

That they had fallen into some dark abyss
With no one to catch them
Or found their way into a stranger’s distant dream
who would wake up that morning
And forget.

I had never imagined
that they would have fallen haphazardly onto your lap

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