What do the homeless carry?

Powerful words and thoughts shared.

Mikes New Web

A foto album
A babies pink mitten
A yellowing newspaper
With the date of their anniversary inside
A violin without any strings
A war medal from Afghanistan
A bible taken from a Methodist church
A letter from Iran
Their poems written on scraps of paper
A can with a mouse inside
The plot number of the grave of their mother
A key to a demolished building
And the only place they can really sleep
Is in themselves
A plane ticket to Dubrovnik dated 1999
Their medication that keeps them alive
Although one person gave it all away
For a can of Heinz
Then they died
And was never recognised
Its easy to die
When you have no food
And sleep deprivation
Mangles your mind
And your tummy troubles you
And you cannot cry
And all that you had
The very last shred of your humanity
Is left in a shop…

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