Great song and some words.


Would you lay with me
I wrote into a journal. “Would you fight for love. Fight so damn hard to keep love alive and well? Change life and dreams for the one, who made you dance in the rain, made you laugh and cry in the midnight hours. The lady, who taught you the sweetness of love?”
Old fool wrote into old journal. I didn’t fight or die for love. Allowed life to steal me away and I learn too late. Sweet love won’t wait. I tell the kids. When love is near. Don’t release her. Sing song of appreciation to her, bring her things she love and dance in the warm Summer rain with her. Tell her a 100 time daily. She is your reason to be alive. Tell her, I love you more than all the things I didn’t do.”
If I could teach some words of wisdom. I would tell you.  Love is life and life is love. Better to follow the path of a kind love than to walk away for the gain of man. Love will stay, deeds for men. Just payment for the greedy men.
I wish to the star, I pray to the moon to see your face and to tell you. You were my everything. I remember in the Fall of 1979. You asked me. “Please lay with me Johnnie, please stay with me in Germany. We will find a way for love to never die and for us to be okay. You and I. People, who love the song, the sweet wine and the moving river.”
I didn’t know. Love is rare and so damn sweet. I remember her sweet voice and her beautiful face. My German girl muse. I would lay with you today and I would whisper into your ear. Love is the sweetest kiss we shall know. You were my only kindness, my only gentleness I have known.
The old poet put away his pen and paper. He looked in the tavern’s mirror and he whispered. Fool’s learn too late. We lose more than we gain and you can’t return to the places of blessed days and kind nights.