976th Poem – “The Blood of a Thousand Roses” – Romance – 7/20/2020

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Modern Romanticism

She lost her gaze,
Lost her place
Among time's worn end
To her life in the tallest grass
That can ever reach her fingers above,
Her corpse below.I bleed a sickness related to hers,
As I set the bouquet down to my feet.Her eyes were mine in their capturing,While her lips were mine to kiss.I dream of an ocean without waves,
Of the Earth without storms.
I see the wilderness parted,
Never the red of a thousand thorns.A thousand roses,
A hundred petals,
To the infinite
Of a love that drinks deep its inner solace.I am the man who stands
Above a grave,
Watches the moon pass over
My head, as I stay.Her stare gave me meaning
To the eclipse,
She said to the sun
That it would not ever blacken.She said the words of praise To a light that could not…

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