Happy or sad??


Happy or sad?

Pretty poet asked,

Monterey dark poet,

are you drinking by the sea tonight?

He looked at her pretty face and

he whispered.

The sea is kind,

always near me now.

Never forsaken me.

She sing me the songs of the sea.

Verses sweet, verses bitter.

Happy or sad,

the sea remembered us.

She laughed at his words and she told him.

“Mercy be, mercy not,

we become colder and we become older.

Once pretty girl loved the ghostly poet and

she watched him dance with the sea from afar.

She wondered was he drowning in madness and she knew.

She held her madness too.

She made plan for a midnight rendezvous,

she brought Irish whiskey and a song to share.

She wore her multi-colored dress,

hoping to bewitch his heart.

She would ask him,

how did you die?”

The poet of the sea smiled and he told her.

Woman are great storms and as wild as the Pacific.

You honor me with the words.

Happy or sad,

we can be.

I didn’t die pretty poet.

The lucky die young and I am too old to die young.

The cold-hearten people shall die slow and hard.

Please sit with me,

tell me a story,

maybe the dead poet can be revived by the sweet voice of a kind lady.

The 3 am stars, the falling moon and the dancing sea.

They smiled.

They saw the lady of sea,

blessing slumbering poet with the kindness of mercy.

Serene place where the heart can grow and heal.

                            Dancing Coyote