My greatest regret was you..

My greatest regret was you



Loved and lost


Dear Lizzy, my beautiful Liz.
Honey, sweetheart and my love.
Where are you now?
Once we drank the Long Island ice tea and laughed at the midnight moon.
You were just a baby and we allowed the drink to make us become foolish and for us to know madness.
Being foolish for a second. We believed love was life. Life was love.
We kissed and make mad love in the dark motels where secret are written on silent walls. Just painted on the thin walls of old paint and old pain.
Just a place of madness, where skin meet skin. Lips meet lips.
The words spoken become meaningless at the dawn hour.
I remember you. Our love is in the lost and found of my memories.


John Castellenas/Coyote

No regrets



The poet’s love did not know.
She would killed his last hope for love,
she promised him forever and a day.
She promised him long embrace and lingering kisses in the darkness of the night.
Now the poet of the light. Learned regret.
Now the old poet became the dark wordsmith.
He held the whiskey like a old lover and he sang the songs to the sea.


“Love be sweet, love be long.
Love make us nude and true.
Rebel heart, once believed.
Sweet woman was his savior.
Deep and beautiful Pacific became his only true friend.
Today I want the sea and I need to see you one more time.
No regret my kind muse, no regret my siren. My killer.”


The young man who wanted everything became the poet by the sea.
He told the young writers and poets.
When love is near.
Make the day and night last forever.
Love can become your glory and your death in hope.



John Castellenas/Coyote