Dr. Hook and some words.

Three am call



The bar is closed and I am sitting alone in the back of my truck.

The phone booth is near and I decided to call you. I light one more cigarette.

I know you hate my three am calls.

The whiskey make me remember you and the beer had made me braver.

I use the burning flame of the dying cigarette and light another cigarette and I know you are asleep.

I dial the phone and the you answer the phone on the third ring and you asked.

Drunk again Johnnie and missing me? What can’t you call me when you are not wasted and I would want to know you miss me when you are not drunk?

I told her, beautiful Jenny. I am very sorry to bother you. The song was good, I am too drunk to drive home and I miss you.

Her voice gentle and sweet whispered. You left me in December for California and I am in Michigan. You want everything and I need enough. I am here in Ann Arbor when you decide to come home. Remember Johnnie, love forget when love is gone too long.

I apologies to her and I told her. Thank you for talking to a foolish man. You deserve everything and more. I appreciate the kindness you gave to a running man and I will always love you. Good night sweet lady and I do miss you so.

She answered. Please call me, I don’t mine the three am calls. It is good to hear your voice and know you are still alive in California. I miss you and if you want me. I am free now, busy with college and my baby. I pray for you nightly. You are okay. Good night Johnnie, be safe. Please don’t drink so much.

I hear the silence on the phone and I look at the nearby sea. I told the sea. Men who allow the kindness of love to die. Deserve the just rewards of his foolishness.


Dancing Coyote