Soldier of fortune..

 Soldier of fortune
Painted memories on my skin, my mind and my heart. Some pain and some sweet.
I won more than I have lost.
I have killed for money, I play a bastard for the rich and I tried to seek even.
Soldier, slave and human being.
I have played all.
I pray my actions of love overtake my sins. I would tell you.
Live for love, don’t touch the guns and pray for peace.
No salvation for men who obeyed the devil.
White lies, black lies.
Words whispered at the Devil’s hour of midnight.
Wandering and seeker of the siren’s kisses.
Men who play the soldier of fortune.
Men who stand with rifle in foreign land.
He isn’t the savior.
He is the killer of kindness.
Soldiers are not the tools of peace.
They are the tools of death.