same Old Lang Syne

Same Old Lang Syne


Old letter saved in a box. Once the sweetest words I knew from a kind woman. Now became heavy memories. I found her again in 1996 and we held hands at a coffee shop, kissed often and we learn.
We can’t return to where we left. She told me, divorced and a little girl and I am a nurse and I am doing okay. You are still a soldier and did you find your wars, your adventures and the sea?
She caressed my face, my eyes were heavy with sadness and I told her. I learn too late, once I had everything and I didn’t appreciate. I am glad you have a child. Children are the wealth of a life. Teach us, love is everything and more.
Her eyes filled-up with tears and for a second. I remember the nineteen year old girl who made me forget who I was. I remember our midnight dances and how we held each other so tightly. Like we knew, love was just seconds, minutes and hours.
We drank coffee and we held hands. She talks and I listen. She asked me, where are you now? I told her, I am at Fort Hood, Texas. I go back in three days and I did find my wars, touched my feet down in forty counties and drank to your beautiful memory. I wished you came along with me.
She smiled and she kissed my hands and she whispered. You were wild sea and I was the quiet lake. I couldn’t keep up with you. You wanted to save a world, that didn’t want to be saved. I pray for you still, I pray you found some kind of peace.
I told her. Foolish men, never find peace. She embraced me tightly and we kissed long and sweet. She gave me her phone number and I watched her walk away slowly.
Now I read her letters, the kind and sweet words are gold to a wiser heart. I told the Lake St. Clair. Tell Jenny, thank you for the dance. She was my ambrosia wine in a damn life.