So pretty
Please walk with me, please talk with me.
Allow our hearts to become one.
I want my hand holding your hand and I want you to hear you sing, sweet love words to me, forever and a day.
I told you often.
You are so pretty, so beautiful and so wonderful.
You would kiss my face and whisper.
You are pretty too my love.
                  One more dance
If I knew. We would of danced more.
If I knew. We would have walked in the Summer rain more often.
If I knew. We had only the Fall and the Winter.
I would have held you tighter and told you more.
You are my sweetness, my joy.
You were my Fall German sweet wine.
You became my Winter peace and
you became my Spring. Sadness.
I prayed to the new Summer moon.
Bring her back to me and we would walk in the rain and not complain.
I would tell her.
Thank you.