My oh my…

My oh my
Johnnie was drinking hard whiskey, was watching the sea dance and the sky turn more blacker and dangerous on the Monterey Wharf last tavern. A sweet voice whispered, big storm a-blowing in.  He turned and he saw a pale skin English lady with flowing brown hair. He smiled and he told her. My oh my. You are a blessing to my eyes. She laughed at his words and she told him. Jerry at the book store told me. You have a silver tongue and may try to tempt my heart.
He smiled and he looked into hazel eyes, memorized by bare shoulders and her Summer dress. He asked her. What is your name and what is your pleasure? She smiled and she told him. My sister told me you helped her a year ago.  She was struggling. She didn’t want to ask for help and you helped her anyway and my name is Silvia and her name was Rebecca.
He smiled and he whispered. Yes, dear Rebecca. She did fine, teacher here in Monterey. A pretty lady too. She just needed a little help. You English ladies are pretty, demanding and strong. No fear. Silvia touched his face and she asked. Why did you not visit her and allow her to thank you? He looked at the sea and he told her. Old poet was broken and today is more broke than yesterday. She was kind, too kind for a man, dead and bury in things that are long gone. I wrote her a poem. Do you want hear it? She smiled and she took his hands. She whispered. Please read poetry to me Wordman, please read me some words.
                  The English girl
Her auburn hair danced with the Monterey wind,
her hips sway like the moving sea.
I asked her.
Are you siren or muse?
She laughed at my words and she told me.
Just running to no-where.
No place to go and I know no-one.
I told her with my biggest Michigan smile.
Johnnie know how the wind work,
lead us to proper place and people.
You will be fine.
All things fall into place and all things fall where they should .
           English lady
Bare shoulders, tempting smile and face of a angel.
The poet whispered, my oh my.
You are the prettiest woman I ever seen.
Are you my sweet dream or my deadly lesson?
Pretty face don’t mean pretty heart.
Johnnie behind on his karma.
He done bad and nasty things.
The English lady smiled and she told him.
You are forgiven dark poet.
Life is trip and fall.
All of us need kind voice and a friend.
He kissed the English lady once, he kissed her twice and he whispered.
My oh my. You are more beautiful than the sea and more tempting than the songs of the siren.
She smiled and she asked. Was the second poem for me? He smiled and he told her. I couldn’t help myself. She handed him a letter with some money in it. He read the letter and he gave the money back. He told her. Please don’t offend me.  Give the money to Rebecca. Tell her buy a nice stereo and I will visit her. Listen to some song, I promise.  Silvia smiled and she told him. My sister told me, you wouldn’t accept the money. I wanted to meet a man who was kind to women, rare few in our world.  He smiled and he told her. My Mexican grandfather told me often. A man kind to women, the gods would look kindly upon him. She laughed and she told him. You and I. A road trip. You don’t work till Tuesday and I am on vacation.  She kissed him once softly and she kissed him hard the second time. I won’t accept no. Your old gray truck will take me and you to Big Sur and to San Francisco. He took her hands and he whispered. I would be honored. Can’t say no to a English girl on a mission.