Molly Malone said..

Molly Malone said.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


                             Molly Malone said.
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“Sweet mistress Molly Malone”
I caught the dengue fever in South America in 1993. Bad food and tropical weather did me in. They send me to the England shores to heal. I remember seeing the ivory coast of England and drinking whiskey in Dover waiting for the bus to London.
I fell in love with London, bright lights and friendly people. I found the nearest Pub in the business district.  I drank from noon to six pm. I roamed to Hyde park and I read poetry to a old lady and high school kids with nothing to do. Nightfall came and I sat alone. I brought out my Jack Daniel whiskey and I drank from the bottle. I was feeling sorry for my self and a pretty lady with next to me.
She had a ancient feel to her. Blazing red hair and eyes of ocean blue. Her dress was old style, covering legs and showing her feet in sandals. I offered my whiskey to her and she took the bottle. She drank down a large sip and she held the bottle. She smiled and she told me. “America whiskey is the best, hard and rough on the throat. I like Hyde park. People, just seeking peace in mist of the city of London. Why is a lone Soldier sitting and drinking alone. This is a grand sin.”
She reached over and she touched my face. I saw robust breasts in her low-cut dress and I asked her. What is your name? She smiled and she whispered into my ear. “They call me Molly. Old fashion lassie in the city of thieves and liars. A lady who like whiskey and like to dance for the moon and the stars.”
I smiled and I told her. I have time, a lot of money for the whiskey and I love to dance. You are my blessing dear Molly.
She stood-up and she finished off the whiskey. She gave me a cat-like smile and she told me. ” This is wonderful. The moon is full and the night is long. I love you soldiers. Expect little and you appreciate the ladies. If you promise to quit being sad. We can dance and sing till the sunrise.”
I stood-up and I bow to her and I whispered. Be my honor to dance with a pretty lady. Let’s buy some more whiskey and we shall dance for the stars and the moon.
Molly smiled and we begin to waltz together, laughing and talking like children falling in love .  She whispered. “Love can be sweet, love can be painful. Sometimes we must make the good hours last longer and forget the past.”
She kissed my lips and we fell into the night without concern for the outcome.
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