Waiting for a miracle…


Waiting for a miracle
I remember you, I remember us.
You were my wild and untamed lady, and I was running to you, and I was running away from you in the same moment.
You imagine love to be wonderful, wanted us to drift into proper places.
Where lover don’t need to confess, just swim in the splendor of free and wonderful emotions of love sweetest gifts.
We sat by the Atlantic ocean and  she danced for us. The morning tide alive and powerful. You told me. Please Johnnie, quit the Army. I cannot find the kind and gentle man no-more. if you seek war Johnnie, war will find you. Your once, hopeful eyes are cold and lifeless. You write with a Poet’s heart and you live a suicidal life. You have accepted war and death as norm. It isn’t who you were. I need my dear Johnnie to come back.
The Winter Atlantic sea is wonderful. She steal your eyes and heart and,
I whispered to my kind lover. I adore you for 12 years. You were running away from me for many years and now we have found each other again. You have learn to love the whiskey and gin. I have learn to love no-one. I learn we eat the past and forget who we were. You and I. Leftovers people who abandon love too often. Now we bathe in a deadly silence and we are seeking dead words and  broken promises made. I did love you once. I was glad you asked me to come to Florida. I wanted to see you.
She turned to the sea and she asked me. Am I less beautiful than 12 years ago? Am I so damn different Johnnie? I brought her close and I told her.
Love be sweet, love be so damn hurtful.
We are just like feathers in the wind.
Flowing freely, landing where we fall.
Never wanting to pay the fee of staying.
Love demand payment and you and I.
Wanted everything and nothing. We wouldn’t pay the payment.
After a times.
We just become mercenaries for the need of love.
You are more beautiful than 12 years ago but our
insides had turn cold and bloody.
I’m here today and I will leave for Fort Hood in four days.
If you believe we can find love.
Follow me.
I remember you, I remember us. We were waiting for a miracle. You stayed in Florida and I did my duty at Fort Hood. I gave-up on you and you did the same.
Once we danced naked in my apartment. We were babies and we were fearless. I was your Hemingway and you were my Agnes. We ate life-up till we couldn’t love no-more. I watched you escape and I knew. We were waiting for a miracle, that could not be. Some women are wildfires and cannot be controlled. Was no love letter or proper goodbyes. I learn to never attempt to love a hurricane.