Thalia beautiful voice and some words.

Besamos mucho


Let us bathe in the quiet.
You and I.
The sun had gone and the moon is rising.
And You and I.
Alone by Lake St. Clair.
Just us together holding hands tightly and
loving the silence.
You told me often. Words mean little.
Show me you love and how much you need me.


Kiss me often, kiss me long.
Real love is slow dancing in the midnight hours and
loving kisses opening heart and mind to perfect and wonderful place.


Let us bathe in the quiet.
You and I.
Kiss me by the lake and whisper.
I’m the one and the only.


I brought my lover close and I whispered to her.
You are everything to me. Everything is you.
Your joy and happiness is my only purpose, my beautiful lady.


John Castellenas/Coyote