The Corrs song and some words.

Everybody hurts



I whispered to her. “Sweet baby, darling and honey. Dark is the night. The midnight hour leave us wanting for things we can’t have. Deep midnight is cold and lonely. Sometimes we must accept pretty lies and lull in new lullabies of hope.” Her sovereign eyes were asking me to stay and go in the same glance.”



Her pretty hazel eyes besieged me and she whispered. “Love divine had turn dirty. The pledge of love seem like the prayers of a fool. I have nothing left to give.  I know only tears and regret.”



I brought her near and  I kissed her forehead and caressed her  flowing auburn hair and I whispered. “Time will make past love become distance love. The thirst for tender caress and kiss will slowly kill the pain of  the loss of love sweet taste. In time, we will accept less. Everybody hurts. The lessons of love are fair. Love will not be a fairy tale and we will learn. Love is the sweetest wine and can be the most bitter kiss.”



Pretty woman gave me fake smile and she embraced me.  Hiding silence tears. We fall together on her bed. I hold her like  child and I’m whispering lullabies of places and things she wanted to do. I told her. “Tomorrow we will find Big Sur and Saturday, we will escape to San Francisco.We will drink in the breweries and laugh at ourselves for being fools in the dreams of love.



She gave me a smile and she whispered. “A grand adventure sweet Johnnie.  This is what I need.”