Song for peace and lead with concern, kindness and forgiveness.

What do our children see? What lessons are being taught to the children? Killed almost 400 people, 400 people murdered in Sri Laka for the sake of religion, the sake of change. I read the names of the people. Once alive and wonderful people killed and I don’t understand. Can you create change by murder? No!!! A eye for a eye world will leave us all dead. No-one shall win. The children shall pay for our hatred.
                                     ” Lead with concern, kindness and forgiveness
(Old words but today. The world is in chaos. If we don’t find common ground, all people and all countries. We will fall alone. Need us to help the countries in need and work together for unity. Every life had value. One life lost  to hate, to starvation, to violence. Is someone child, someone parent or someone grandparent.)
I read the stories of the people lost in Sri Laka,
each name adding to my sadness,
their faces, beautiful and strong.
I pray in silence,
please lord of life and death.
Please take care of the new martyrs of a world falling into madness.
Please make the people left behind by their great loss,
try to be okay.
I know, their pain must be so heavy.
Sweet faces, kind faces.
Lost to hate.
A billion tears shed  tears for strangers.”
I pray we learn we must lead with concern, kindness and forgiveness. How many must die before we learn. Every life is part of the earth, every life is a life upon the planet. This is one planet and one earth. We must get-along. Rate a person by their deeds, not religion, color or birth.
                               Dancing Coyote