Too old to die young..

Too old to die young—-
Almost 62 years old,
lived in many places and had many lives.
Old man looking back at me in the mirror.
I whispered.
Too old to die young.
Once I knew the energy of youth,
once I told death,
not today.
Today I see my father’s face, my father’s eyes.
I learn the hard lessons, like him.
Now I know his lessons and I pray,
he had found some peace and salvation.
My old eyes are tire and I write some words,
old dad, I am too old to die young.
Maybe we suppose to see with different eyes after traveling forever,
our world, chaos and craziness.
Grandfather told the grandchildren.
Slow down, listen and have some fun.
You will become old one day and you will wish,
you loved more, you danced more and you laughed more.
Yesterday man whispered, I am too old to die young.
                           Dancing Coyote