Let’s pretend my lover..

Let’s pretend my lover


Once we were Hemingway and Agnes.
We drank, we made love and we had enough.


The damn Spring was looming near and I saw in your eyes.
The Winter’s caress wasn’t needed no-more.
The sweet wine had turn bitter and the long and sweet kisses became quick and giving only.


I took you to the Pacific sea.
I held you tightly and I asked you?
Let’s pretend my lover.


I see in your eyes.
The sky, the sun and the moons.
I feel your escaping to new seas, a new tropical places.


I knew.
Love was honey and vinegar to you.
Wine was sweet and poison to you.


You told me often.
Don’t believe in love.
Men fall in love when they are tire of being alone and woman fall in love because they are bored.


She smiled and she whispered to wanting hears.
I love you my Hemingway.
You love war, you love the sea, you love the words and you love the road.
The cold of Winter brought us together.


We did hold tightly and we told the lovers prayers.
Sweet words when the skin, lips and eyes are content.
You and I.
We are sea and the river.
Rarely touching each other the same way.
You are the running river Johnnie and I’m the dancing sea.


Today me and you.
We will share last glances, we will dance nude and free for the last time.
Monterey will be our safe haven in sweet and deadly dreams.



Thank you.


John Castellenas/Coyote