Once, twice and again..

Once, twice and again.
Love me one time,
love me two times,
lock the doors and let’s fall into love.
We danced the Texas two-step at the dance hall and
I told you, you were the prettiest girl in Texas.
You told me,  we eat, we drink, we dance, we tried to love.
A soldier love, a lonely life.
I told her, thank you for the dance,
pretty Texas girl smiled and she whispered.
The Texas two-step is easy.
Two to the right, two to the left, allow the feet to move with the song.
If love was so simple, maybe we could know some joy.
The blankets and sheets on the floor,
you and I,
the light are on and we are showing real skin.
You whispered to me.
Beloved, my precious and my sweetest man.
Will you remember me?
Will I become a echo of sweetness in wishful dreams?
                               Dancing Coyote