954th Poem – “I only want to Hold” – Romance – 7/16/2020

A beautiful poem for love by a talented writer.

Modern Romanticism

Watch me
As I gather your limbs
In a roundabout
Your aching form.
You lay yourself back on the soil,
Expecting it to take you
Back to the hollow world
Of your heart, without something to fill
That nest,
That void
I could never avoid.

I will be there.
I will fix the flaws
That have wracked your bleeding state.
I will forge
The cure from the fire
Leaving love to drip from feathery wings.You are as beautiful,
As you remain as beautiful,
As when I first laid my shimmering eyes
Upon your halo-less head,
With your golden face,
Among your burning gaze.Love is a dream,
The meadow's gleam.
It is
The place I search to find you
In the wilderness
Of my choosing.

I stumbled
To see your eyes,
I quiver
In sight of your cries.Let us dream To last ourselves the forever We need to…

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