Great song and some words.

Two out of three ain’t bad



I told her. I will be your Hemingway and you can be my Agnes . You will be my beloved and untold story. I have found you after un-rudely and useless war I volunteered to be in. You will be my safe place to rest. You will show me calm and peace in the war of confusion and wrong places.



You soft brown eyes caressed me with the gentleness of kindness and pity.  You did not promise tomorrow. You told me we have only today. Love isn’t for us. I belong to another. We will have our Paris and we will separate my love.



I knew you did not belong to me. You were just a lover that made me feel so damn alive. I saw the want to stay and leave in your gentle eyes. I brought you near and I whispered.


You will become my sweet dreams of long and warm nights in Paris and also leave me with nightmares of things lost and cannot be found. Beautiful Katie smiled and whispered. Two out of three ain’t bad. Good to know need and want. Love is for the lucky and the brave dear Johnnie..


Coyote/John Castellenas