The POET: Marrying A Poetess

Outstanding poetry shared.

Daily Watch Press

Marrying a poetess, is literary
being in the midst of library
of literature, she only knows
how to cook metaphor.

When you are hungry, you go
angry, the only aroma of her
cooking you smell is simile,
from her pot, she will divert
your mind with device.

Your belly will be full of rhyming
stanzas, you develop a potbelly
of poems without having a good
taste of it on your tongue, she
will give you spoken word as tea.

Your morning prayer will become
poetry, she will ride on you like a

You will become her babysitter,
she will be acting like a queen
sitting on her throne.

She will not listen to your voice,
except the echoes from the
calling of her poems.

You and her babies, you have
become objects of inspiration
in her poetry works.

She will kill you in one of her
poems, and resurrect…

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