Family pictures..

Family pictures.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Kind people leave us with kind memories and show us how to live.


                          Family pictures.

Do we know when the final goodbye is?
Did we tell the people we loved? They saved our life many times and gave us reasons to be alive.

“Old faces and words appear. Whispering to me.
You are going to be alright.

In the past. I had no place to go.
A kind friend and family accepted me in,
made me part of their large family.
Gave me a place to feel safe and to rest.

The good father gave me advice and treated me like his son.
Jerry never asked for nothing and shared his laughter and
I remembering playing card games into the night.
A house is a home when it is filled with love and laughter.
I tried to be like him.

Sweet and beautiful Shoni.
Never a negative word.
Allowed me to sleep on her couch for months.
Never asking why I had no place to go.

Love and kindness is the base of a family.
I wished I thanked Jerry.
He was a mountain of a man with a large heart.
One day I will thank him.

Love is simple.
A open door and speak softly even when you do not want to.
Thank you Shoni. You are a mother to me.
Love create love. Kindness birth more kindness.