When the war is over..

When the war is over
I haven’t been right,
maybe I won’t be right again,
I left war and war found me.
Friends faces are hanging with me,
a heavy sadness.
My friends,
damn war stole the best from us.
I pray the war is over for them.
I pray they found a place where we do not need to fight no-more.
I pray the war is over for you, dear friend.
I stand by a photo and your bio at the Veteran day celebration,
many soldiers from the old and new wars,
we come early, before the event.
The old soldiers comfort the young soldiers,
share kind words and advice.
A Vietnam Vet told me.
The war is over for our friends and we, who lived.
Are the caretaker of their memories.
Must ensure they are not forgotten and ensure their family are taken care of.
We become, the story tellers of great men and woman lost to war.
I pray my war is over and I know. I cannot forget war. Salinger and Hemingway fought in the last great wars and we did not stop. Writers write the truth. War taught me. Each day is a miracle and please don’t waste a life in self-pity. The cost of freedom, it isn’t free. I know many young men and women are in dangerous places and I pray. No-more war, keep the children clean of war. Our leader’s greatest sin. Sending them to fight the old men wars.
                           Dancing Coyote