Me and my grandchildren Jaden  saw five people on the side of the road. They held a sign, homeless and hungry. I found a spot to park my truck and I gave him five dollars to give to them. He had some gum and he asked me. Can I give the kids some gum. I smiled and I told him. Yes. We went to the family and Jaden gave the five dollars to them and he offered the gums to the small children. They accepted. The father and mother thanked us, told us. God bless you. And we returned to the truck. Jaden had tears in his eyes and he asked me. Why are the people homeless. I told him, so many homeless. All we can do what we can do. Maybe our little help was helpful.
When I was young. Poor mother tried to raise us with little income. I remember a sweet older Italian woman, our neighbor. She would bring a plate of pasta every day for us. Me and my sister would hug her and she would kiss our faces. I still remember her sweet smile. Once a week, my sister friend aunt would bring a bag of groceries to us. She would knock on our door with the kindest smile. She gave us the food  and she would ask. Did we need anything?
I returned from the Army in 1977 and I found the kind woman and I tried to give her some money. She would not accept and she hugged me. She told me. I am so proud of you and I am happy you became a strong man. If we can help,  we must assist another person. All of us need some help sometimes.
I try to be like the generous angels I have known in my lifetime. Lead with kindness, concern and love.
I do believe in karma. People who knew love, kindness and they listen. They will meet their God with open arms.