Dead men don’t complain, liars always lie. Sleeping men cannot see or feel. What is real and what is not?
Took a war for me to learn to live. I was a working dog drowning in useless goals. I was working 60 hour week and I allowed my dreams to die.
Took two dead brothers to teach me. Change your life or  become forgotten.
The Iraq desert and the California Pacific make me see the real of life. I body bags poor Iraqi soldiers and I prayed for them. I learn life can be minutes, hours or days. I suicided boarded the big storms of Winter in Monterey, free-climbed every mountain I was near. i stood in the clouds in the Honduras mountains and I pray for sanity by the hidden waterfalls in the secret places in the California Fault line.
I learn life was more than money. We must test life, travel and love many. Live my friend, be brave. if we take no chances, we won’t know any joy or happiness.