The dream surfer..

The dream surfer
In the prettiest dreams, in the most beautiful places and the sweetest days.
The dream surfer can find and again know. Once upon a midnight dream, the yearning heart seek the kindest voices, the safest memories and the sweetest kisses.
I dreamed a dream, a wonderful dream. I was dancing with a blessing near the Big water, Lake Gichigami. I whispered to her, dear Lexi, dear seer, my dearest dreamer, my Michigan solstice. I am lost.
Dearest Lexi told me, “Dearest Johnnie.
Please swirl me one more time my beloved, near the Lake Huron,
allow us to feel the Lake St. Clair gentle wind upon our skin,
allow the sun to sun kiss our faces and our feet to feel the chill of the Spring water.
Life is more than us. In sweet dreams, we can remember yesterday, we can know the present and seek the future. We are the creator of life abounded.
We must be Spring Robin, singing with joy for the new morning.
We are the sleeping bear awakening to the warmer days of March.
We must be  the dancing coyotes in heart and the free wolf in spirit.
We must be braver than the naysayers and liars.”
I swirled her again and again. Watching her long Summer dress flowing and
loving the views of her tattoos on her legs and her back. I was falling in love with her laughter and smile again and again. I told her. I am the dream surfer, seeking the blessing of Gaia and falling into your arms and knowing. I need you, my lovely and my kindest muse.
I swirled her into deep embrace and she whispered to me. Johnnie, Johnnie. We must love something more’ than our sadness. Love isn’t a prison, love is making someone know laughter, know pleasure and to find someone who want to talk about dreams and hope to you till the morning sunrise and wanting more. True love is sharing morning coffee, celebrate the good and the bad day together. Love wealth is someone, who will love you till the end of our days. Should be the first face and last face we want to see daily.
I kissed her once and I kissed her twice. I put my face into her hair, I put my face into her shoulder, I kissed her neck and I whispered. My sweetest dream, please find me and we can find the forest, the dancing Big Water and find secret cabin where we be bare, honest and wild.
Beautiful Lexi smiled and she whispered to me. Dearest dream surfer, our dreams are doorways we must open. The saddest person is the one, who dreamed and they allowed them to be forgotten. We write our story and we can know joy and great happiness. Or accept less. The true gold of life, many children at our feet and the kisses of a dear lover. Johnnie, Johnnie. Find the dream, please find me by the Lake Gichigami. I am talking with the rising Gaia morning sun and love caress is waiting for you.
                        Dancing Coyote