Detroit and riots


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Once 2 million strong.

The cars being made in the great city of Detroit.

Mix of all people,

working hard and doing well.

The riot of 1967 and 1968.

Did it fix anything?

I saw my city of Detroit die.

The auto companies left the city,

once great city,

now 500,000 people.

Who won?

Please don’t destroy your cities.

They don’t come back and the businesses never come back.

Peaceful demonstrations, sit-in, work stoppage and voting.

The government fear peaceful demonstration and

when many stand as one.

We can change our world.

People who believe,

burning down your cities.

Can create change.

They are foolish,

and create chaos and government to take over.

We don’t want this.

If you riot and take from a private business.

You are a thief, criminal, heartless.

You stole from a business that employed people

and create jobs, income.

Detroit is trying to rise-up.

Time to stand as one.

A eye for a eye world.

Everyone shall be blind.







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