As the fireflies danced…

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Grace's Journey

21 July 2020

The fireflies danced around her dress,
As she held her breath to savour the moment.
As for the past few months her life had been a blur…
But the sky was finally starting to clear.
She could see the stars again and the moon kissed her milky cheeks.

Her dreams felt like the wind that swept her up from the porch,
She would fly away if she could, but she couldn’t remember where.
All she knew was that she wanted to live again.

Finally,… life… live. Where did these words even come from?
She didn’t know but they made her smile again.

She twirled around and couldn’t stop smiling at the fact that …
Well she was smiling and didn’t even know why.
But what mattered…
What mattered now.
She was finally living again.

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