The Wisdom of Great Eagle: The Lesson of the Stubborn Elm

A wonderful story written by a talented writer.

Under the influence!

Presented here is a retelling of a Cherokee folktale called “The Lesson of the Elm Tree.”  It was told by a boy named James Ariga who was part Cherokee in 1947 at the Ten Mile River Scout Reservation and included in the, Treasury of American Indian Tales, by Theodore Whitson Ressler.

The Lesson of the Elm Tree

There was once a young boy of about eleven years of age named White Eagle who lived with his mother and father. They were of the Cherokee people who lived in the Appalachian Mountains on the shores of a large lake. In those days there was much talk of war and there were frequent skirmishes between his people and the different people who lived outside Cherokee territory. His father’s name was Great Eagle and was a great and fearless warrior. He was much respected and…

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