Imagine there no war, no violence

Dear child


The world weeps blood.
Whole world blinded by hate and separation.
Who will tell the child?
He was born with no chance or opportunity.
Born to learn to survive daily.
Living in refugees camps. Unwanted and forgotten.

By a River


I drove by a river with food, water and medicine on a Red Cross mission.
I saw bodies floating in the river.
Me and my soldiers dragged the bodies to the shore.
24 people. Old people and children.
Beaten to death and left.
Me and my soldiers cried for the people killed for the sake of religion.
We prayed they found a better place.
I wondered did God see the pain and the suffering of our world?
I learned this day how cold man can be.








Quiet world,

safe world.

People talking,

solving problems.

Peace maker voices,

being heard.

My wishes to the midnight moon.

I want my world to know,

every life had purpose and is needed.

We need to lead with concern, kindness

and listen to each other.

Love is the answer.

A raised fist,

fixes nothing.






John Castellenas/Coyote