The Coyote is dancing…..

 The Coyote is dancing
Once, locked-up man knew the solace  and the mercy of the kind lakes. Once, the free man danced with the stars and the moon. In the mist of the gentle rain. The once brave man is fighting his demons alone.
Defeated man find the lake Superior and he confide into her, his last confession. He recited to her.
“The Coyote is dancing for you again, my love.
You, my dearest friend.
Once, you and I.
We were great lovers and I adored the coldness of your touch.
I remember how you tainted me and
I cursed the coldness of your heart and I yearned to fall into marvel of your beauty.
Now the Coyote is home and
I want you to bewitch my heart again.
I want your coldness to caress my forsaken mind and thoughts.
I loved when your cold hands turned warm and gentle.
Coyote is here and dear Lake Superior.
My ancient protector. Please bewitch and steal my agony and allow me to discard the useless things.
I want to dance with the moon, I want to dance with the stars and I want to find the free coyotes.
My Ojibwa blood need to know. You and I, are one.”
The Coyote raised his arms-up and he is moving and dancing with the dangerous water. The coldness of the her make his bare feet feel the coldness and he falls into her arms. Allowed the water to overtake his legs, his chest and his face. The coldness of her, make his sleeping spirit. Awake. She whispered to him.
“I’m pleased. Dear Coyote is dancing with me again and you allowed unworthy things to steal your heart and mind. Dancing Coyote, I forgive you and I promise to love you and to keep you safe. I know you are just flesh and bones and you shall dance upon kind earth for a moment. One night when the moon is full and you are tire. I will accept you into my arms forever. The coldness of my water touch will make us in kindred spirit. Be one till the earth is no-more. Dancing Coyote. You are not done. Rise-up and release the shackles. Hard lessons make wise men stronger and braver.”
He rose up and he reached for the moon. He whispered, thank you. Now the Coyote is dancing again. He raised his arms and the Gods of night. Are smiling. The kind Ojibwa spirits are dancing with him  and they are whispering.
“You are never alone. Your elders are with you and one day. We will sit and pray together.”
                             John Castellenas/Coyote