I was intoxicated by you.
My beautiful dark eyes muse, you made me beg for seconds of time, to be near you.
You were a wild spirit tempting life, leaving my foolish hearts to wish for tender kiss
and long embrace.



I remember you beautiful Kellie.
You were a smile, kind words and stormy memory.
Now your face a scattered memory,
yearning to be spoken a loud.

Confession of a lover

Madness, secret whispers and hidden wishes.
Dear Kellie. Can you hear my bounded and quiet wishes.
Wishes to taste salty skin and to surrender to private needs and want.
I want to taste the sea and to dance with you near the wild sea.
I want my deck of cards of living to fall into proper place.
Where you and I.
Lay bare and free.
Where true words are spoken and love is alive and well.

John Castellenas/Coyote