The silence and the sea….

The silence and the sea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A re-write.


The silence and the sea



Blessed is the man who knew regret and he learn from it.
Lucky is the man who loses the emotion of rage,
learn to live in the splendor of celebrating each new day.



Old man baking in the hot sun by the Seaside beach,
watching the glistening sea dance upon the morning shore.
Drinking coffee and waiting for a reason to write.



He watched a young man walking alone,
his head lowered, eyes detached to another place and time,
roaming the beach looking for answered that can’ t be found.



The old man asked the man.
“Sit and drink some coffee, release the weight off your feet for a moment.”
The young man looked betrayed, he wanted silence today.
He said not today, I need some silence and the sea today.

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The old man smiled.
Told him. “Allow an old man to tell you a story.
Better to swim in another man grave than to have concern for things we cannot take back.”



The young man sat down and accepted the coffee.
Asked the old man. “You can’t return to the places you left in shambles, people cannot
forget your arrogant thoughts and needs.”



The old man by the sea smiled. Told the man, “looked at the sea, changes by the second.
Life is hard and no-one is perfect. You can seek forgiveness and change, mercy of forgiveness is hard to receive. We must be like the sea, move and flex and become better.”


The young man close to tear asked “What can I do to feel alive again? I killed love
and friendship with lies and rage. I left an exquisite and beautiful woman alone to
cry for a useless man.”



The old man smile, told the young man. “I will teach you meditation today. It is the best way to clear the head and allow you to find the right way back.”



The young man thought the old man was crazy, he followed the steps with care.



“Put the right foot into knee, never use the left foot. Using the left foot will create bad dreams. This meditation is good to find rest in the night also. He told the young man to lay on the sand and to close in his eyes, put the right foot into the knee, take 10 deep breaths, hold each breathe for 10 seconds each, hold the last breath, think about the bad things. All of them, let them built up. The young man followed the directions and he started shaking. The built-up of stress and disappointment making his body want to explode. He told him to release the breathe and open your eyes. The young man looked relieved, he asked was the old man, a Doctor?


The old man smiled and told him. “We are not done yet, now take 5 deep breath and hold them 5 second each. The sixth breathe hold it and think of the positive things. ”



The young man face had changed. The old man smiled and told him to release the last breath and clear the mind, only allow good thing in. Keep your eyes shut and listen to my words. Mercy come from within, leave the shallow grave and go back to the woman waiting. Beg for forgiveness and learn. A wise man learn from regret and hold on to real love.”



The young man heard the silence of the beach and saw the dancing of the powerful waves. The old man was gone, he left a book. “The old man and the sea.” He open the book and it had a note.


Life is long,
mistakes are many.
Youth is like wine, it can become more sweeter or bitter with time.
Don’t need to pray for the dying,
we need to rejoice for the chance of a new day.


Lead with kindness, concern and love


Dancing Coyote