Autumn Leaves

Amazing song and words shared by a talented young lady. Please listen and share.

Katy Claire Creative

You came to me like the first of autumn,
gently awakening my every leaf
to the crimson ribbons of your breeze —
and to you: the dream of my deciduous heart.

Our souls had always been older than the summer —
interacting with each other without us ever knowing,
and September was something harmonious to us.

Together we learned what it was to change:
to shed our youth,
and let go of what we knew of branches.

What I felt for you opened the landscape of me
and wrapped me in the music of everything.

In its amber tones we fell
w e i g h t l e s s
for a season …
until the Earth rose up to meet us.

We laid along its surface,
and held each other —
succumbing to the rain and falling scarlet-stars.

And after the spills and flames consumed us,
what remained…

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