Winding road….

 Winding road

Old world making me tire, it seem we all are weaving and moving, not going no-where. Just keeping above the deep waters of life.

Once I was hell and turmoil, now I’m old words, old memories and wasted days and nights.When my eyes were young, I thought the devil was chasing me. Now I know. Wasn’t the devil. Just megiving-in and giving-up real face and allowed my dreams to falter.

Now the winding road is calling me.

“Johnnie, Johnnie. Where you at? Where you been? You are not dead yet. Mark your place or be forgotten. Engrave something into the mountain. Write a note into the sand, tell the world. I had lived and I ain’t dead yet. The winding road is always near. You can stay or you can go? Men who dwell in self-made prisons. They learn too late. Dead is dead. The dead can’t move no-more.”

I learn the parable of life is simple. Do something or do nothing. Love something  or love nothing, be brave or accept death with open arms. When we meet the Devil or God. He will ask us. What did you do my friend? What will we answer?

Today Johnnie is dancing alone. Dancing Coyote is seeing the open road and the winding road calling him. Devil or sin, heaven or proper place. Decide? Love or hate? Dance or observe? Walk or run? Are we fishermen or the fish?  Are we the hunter or are we the prey? Live my friend. Don’t accept the easy road and easy dreams. Fight the good fight and find your proper place. 

Johnnie is looking for the sea, a pretty and kind woman to whisper to him. We will be alright. No more time for seeking dead ends and believing broken words and promises. The winding road will take us everywhere, this is our place. Everywhere.