Gifts of Love

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Rum and Robots

Written by Joni – Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger (unsplash)

your heart’s chamber bleeds into mine
rare its color, like the yellow cardinal
caressing unsung spaces and introducing virgin treasures
a lock of my red hair you wear around your neck
bracelets made from dried forget me knots, and lavender
inside your pocket a song I wrote, stained with a captured tear
the hat you wore so many years ago when we first met
rubbing it over my breast, so my natural smells would hold you captive
closing my dark green eyes, I see your furrowed brow, a map of life
musk, sandalwood, and eucalyptus oil breathes life into my skin
touches made with strong hands, gently, still hold your scent
your muscular jaw stands out like rugged tree branches
lingering our breaths meet in a gentle breeze, and turn into white lilies
the clouds flee like cottonwood seeds, as our…

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