The brown eyes girl….

The brown eyes girl

Was a lonely beach,

late Spring brought out the lovers of the sea.

I saw near the moving and dancing Pacific.

A woman and child.

I fell in love with the brown eyes woman,

her lips of sweet honey and 

her smile that could  light-up the darkest of days.

She danced with the sea and

she sang lullabies to  her baby.

Making me jealous of her gentle embrace and 

the love for the child.

She pay no attention to me.

I was just a admirer of her beauty.

I watched her feet touch the cold waves,

making a silence wish to know the beautiful woman.

I know life is never fair,

beautiful woman are distance dreams for me now.

I was a lucky observer,

making wishes and holding old dreams.

Beautiful brown eyes girls are sweet dreams for a old man heart.

                        Dancing Coyote