Like a river and some quotes.

My grandfather told me. What we didn’t do. Haunt our life and dreams……..

A happy life is making time for morning coffee talk, long walks on a quiet beach, dancing with someone you love often and knowing a lot of laughter…….


We learn great wisdom, when we learn. Life is more than us…….


Violence actions leave residual of things done wrong. Never forgotten…….Men, who eat and eat. Take and take, consume and consume. And want more. What do they truly need?…..

Please teach the children well. They are the future of our world and the children are watching us. Will we leave the leftovers like our fathers left us anger, war and separation…..

How much can a country bleed till it can’t bleed no-more? Who is wrong, who is right? When both sides raises their fists. Both sides had sin against human life. No-one shall win…….


Once Salinger built a grave of dead soldiers to cover him and another soldier. They survived the night. What did he learn? We teach our children to fight, to kill and we wonder. Who screw-up our children?…….

Thank you Dancing Coyote