Love is a careless child…

Love is a careless child

Her skin whiter than Winter snow and her trembling lips of soft pink tempted the fearless man.

His boldness lacked the confident of his youth. He had learn love is a careless child. Promises are made and will be broken.

The woman gave him the gift of smile and hello. The woman knew men are weak.  Men will fall at her feet with the wink of the eyes and tender words.

The wise man sat near the auburn hair beauty and he told her. You are so beautiful. Too dangerous to be touched. You are wild like the Pacific ocean. Cannot be controlled or held down. Your dancing blue eyes make me wish to be brave in the affliction of love.

The pretty woman laughed and she told him. Love can be as sweet as summer fruit and as bitter as a fresh cut lemon. Please kind sir. Love is a gift rarely given. Many thresholds to touch and reach in a long life. A good life is filled with many dances, a lot of laughter and knowing the sweet taste of love.

He could smell the fragment of summer flowers on her neck and long red hair. Her eyes searched his eyes, looking for some kind of reaction. He told her. You are very wise. A orderly and stalemated life leave you wishing for many dances and sweet kisses.

She took his hands. Brought them to her lips. She kissed them with tenderness and she whispered. Dear Johnnie. A dormant life is a dead-man walk. Come dance with me and drink the sweet summer wines.

Johnnie smiled and kissed his Beatrice. He told her. Tonight we don’t die in love. Tonight we find the places where lovers go and they are fearless and bold. Payment may come. Tonight we will trick the gods and make them think. Love had won.

                                 Coyote/John Castellenas