Dancing in Seconds

Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

dancing art

I’m drenched in madness

tangled in blue

I’m walking barefoot

through icy streams

and I’m here with you

My body is crying

and screaming out

and I know you’ve built up walls

but that won’t stop me from walking

and I’ll continue to shout

Drink from this cup

let the wine your mind take

and I’ll continue walking

and shouting, and writing, and walking

Just let me be the light upon the lake

Through all of this chaos

and hatred and trembling

through all that has shifted

I still feel your rhythm

so let’s continue assembling

I count my time in music

beats of a drum, bangs of a gong

dancing in seconds, moving to you

and if you stop and listen, you will see

I have been here all along.

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