Lavender Poems

Beautiful photos and amazing poetry by a talented poet.

Katy Claire Creative

Four poems


Everywhere descending,
the crisp autumnal rain
is apple-spiced and
lavendered with memories
that warm my morning tea.


This is not a poem
just the scent of one I once renounced.

The one I thought was too morose,
of deep blue, almost indigo.

I’d asked her to be happier.
She tried…
(a subtle lavender).

I buried her a teary night
I thought my words were lost.

But now she presses up new leaves,
a bit of hope for me to breathe.


The light is dying in the arms of evening —

swooning to his symphony of darkness.
She unravels into lavender
then softens,
dressed in lilac-pink and lyricism.

Strumming notes across the sky,
he shimmers constellations
to the shape of a guitar.

Their music saturates to night.


I dream in fields of lavender.
All four walls and bedspread.

Everything I’ve ever loved
has scents and…

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