A million years..

A thousand years

You came to me in my sweet dreams again and
you were dancing in your white Summer dress by the lake.

I watched your beautiful face smiling and you were singing to the afternoon sun. I stood-up and I joined you in the dance of laughter and joy.

I whispered to your wanting ears. I would risk everything for you and
I live and die in your embrace.
You are my Summer sweet wine and perfect place.

You told me. My Gypsy man, can’t hold the wind and cannot make love stay.
Love must find you and love will hold you warmly in her embrace.

Dear Johnnie. You are love and I need your hands in my hands.
I will love you for a thousand years my Johnnie.

Days became nights and we held on so tightly. I believed you knew. Love is never fair. We were young and filled with dreams to accomplish. Love is not enough to stop the twisted path of life.

Wars came and life created mountains of barriers. One day with promises that we couldn’t keep. I left you for faraway wars and distance places.

Today I awoke and I called your name and I wondered do you remember me? You told me often. I will love you Johnnie for a thousand years.

Today I whispered to the Summer sun.
I have not forgotten the dancing beauty who kiss stole my will and taught me. Love is life. Life is love.

I love and need you my sweet lady. Your sweet memory of interlacing fingers and us becoming one in the dance of love. I know you were  my last wish, my last tryst of youth.

John Castellenas/Coyote