Listen, think and speak

 Listen, think, speak

Grandfather told me often. Take two to fight and take one not to fight. If the aggressor had no-one to fight. Maybe we can learn peace.

Grandma told me often. Honey and sugar, gentle voices lead to calm and happiness. Anger and loud voices lead to regret and disappointment.

I told the young man. Pretty face don’t mean pretty heart. Seek someone who is wonderful and kind in heart and soul. Who, you can love forever.

My grandfather told me. Never tell a lie. One lie can expand to a running river of more lies, till one day. You won’t know the truth from a lie.
My grandfather told me often. If a man’s words are worthless. He cannot be trusted. Your words are your backbone and all you got. A man’s words should be his legacy of a worthwhile life.

Every promise made should be accomplished and a kind and wise man. Will have hopeful heart and he will be remembered.