The lullaby….

  A lullaby

Old man memories become sweeter with time and distance.
The old man wondered if she remember him, like he remembered her.
He was twenty years old once and youth was his wealth for a second.

He remembered the German Summer 0f 1978 and  the blond hair goddess who stole his heart. He was trying to taste every sweetness that could be touched and to test the limit of mind and body.

On a late August day.  Daniela appeared. She was dressed in white Summer dress, bare shoulders and she was walking bare-foot.  She sat with him and she sang him a lullaby of love.

“Love be sweet, love be dangerous. Darling love make me know madness and the song of perfect place and sweet kiss.
Lover’s love, lover’s love till they have no more to give or need to be touched.
Midnight hour song need to be the dance of body and heart. Allow places of madness to overtake false needs.
Dear Johnnie. The true lullaby of life. Love many and make the good night last forever.”

Me and my Daniela, we torn down the wall of protection in the Winter of 1978. We stole the night and we didn’t care where we would land. The utopia of love is fair.  After you touch heaven. You shall know hell.

Today I wrote for a sweet memory. A lullaby I wish to sing to dear Daniela one day.

“I loved your whiskey kisses and I loved when you danced nude to the Leonard Cohen songs.
I remember you my honey wine, my softness in my world of madness.
Yesterday regret is my sweetest memory.
If I could go back in time. I would loved you more and drank less.
I would of took more photos of you for my heart.
I loved you once and today I loved the memory.
Dear Daniela, you will my September wine kisses and my place of warm and safety.
I love you still.”

Old age teaches us. Every attempt at love was a blessing. Every kissed shared. Kindest gift received. When a woman allow you into her private places and heart. You are a lucky man. I told the kids. Dance, sing, laugh and love many. The wealth of a life is many dances, many kisses shared and knowing laughter.

                         John Castellenas/Coyote