We lived once and what did we do?

We lived once and what did we leave behind?….

The year 2020 was a hard one. I lost a great father. He was my mentor who stood his ground, loved God and was kind to his family. Coronaviras create separation and the world went mad. 

I am in the Autumn of my life and I tried to follow the example of my mentors. I had many great mentors. My grandfathers, my father and the my leaders in the Army. We are building blocks and we set the example for our children. What examples are being set for our children? Hate, separation, riots and vulgar people create war in the land of the USA. We need our cities safe, safe schools for our children and opportunity for everyone. What do the children see? My grandchildren go to school with black children, Mexican children, white children and Arabic children. They get along and I wonder. What are they seeing and thinking?

We lived once and what did we leave behind?
Time for the kind people, the people of peace to come out as one. For us to demonstrate for safe world, colorless world where the children can be safe from harm. Today many caring people feeding the hungry, suppling homes for the homeless and trying to help a world falling into madness.

“Violence man, crying man of hate. You want hate to destroy love. You want to destroy  cities where the children play and live. Men and women worked hard to create their life, their businesses. Who win when you burn-down cities? No-one.  A great man, once wrote. Violence and riot don’t change nothing. They leave only scars and dead cities.

My dear father would tell us. Stop, gather, all people, all races and all colors of skin. Stand together and pray. Pray for forgiveness, pray for healing, pray for the safety of all people. Pray every child had a warm bed and full tummy. Pray all people have opportunity and they are not afraid. We must stand as one against hate. Don’t listen to hateful men with the liar’s prayer. We must know. Every life had value.”

We need to fix problems, not create them. A eye for a eye world, will leave, everyone blind and a world of blindness can make our world fall to a terrible ending. What do the children see? What does the children think? What are we leaving for our children?

I believe USA is the greatest place to live. Many places in our world, killing people, if you are different. The wrong religion or wrong color. USA isn’t perfect and I am not perfect. Time to heal, change our world. We need demonstrations for peace, equality and no racism. Use prayers and kind hearts to fix our world. The world is stronger than we believe. Coronaviras should of taught us. Time to befriend each other, help other countries in need. More hard days are coming my friends. Time to open our hearts, show the children. We can be kind to each other, we can heal and become stronger and wiser. When someone ask you to burn and destroy. Ask them, where do we shop, when the stores are gone? When we burn down the cities. Where do we live? Create change, VOTE, teach the children well. Teach them, every life had value. Be safe, be kind and please pray for common sense.

We lived once and what did we leave behind?
One day, we shall meet or elders, our mentors, the old soldiers and they will welcome us. What will we tell them? Did we leave our world in a better place? Did we teach our children well? Were we kind to the people near and did we try to help our world?

My prayer is simple.
“My granddaughter Mia was born on a September day. I held her closely and I whispered a silence prayer. Please lord of life, allow my granddaughter to live a life of joy, adventure and be safety. Please allow her to know freedom, happiness and opportunity. Please lord of life, make my world safe and sound. So every child can live without fear, have shelter and food. Please teach all of us. One earth and one people. The children are watching what we do.”